Vintage Necklaces

Most women love beautiful jewellery pieces which can enhance the beauty of any outfit they wear and today it is the Vintage Necklaces that are ruling though they have been the favourite jewellery pieces from quite some time.

Vintage necklaces help you make a style statement depicting your elegant choice and your penchant to reconnect with the past. This one piece can help to complete your look and bring on a look of absolute charm and poise to your personality.

How do vintage necklaces contribute to your stunning looks?

One thing you are assured when wearing vintage necklaces is that no other person there will be wearing a similar piece of jewellery which by itself makes you stand out in a crowd.

Vintage Necklaces

These vintage necklaces are truly stunning made of gorgeous colours and each one is crafted in a unique manner making it one of a kind.

The material from which these necklaces are crafted contributes to the uniqueness of the vintage necklaces and so also the style. Thermoset, rhinestone and Lucite are the materials mostly used for making these vintage masterpieces making them look really very appealing.

In vintage necklaces that are richly crafted with precious metals a lot of precious stones are used making them very expensive; they almost cost a small fortune! These are the ones that can truly enhance your looks to make you look most classy and stunning indeed!

Vintage necklaces and the materials they are generally made of

Thermoset and Lucite are materials that were highly popular during the 1950s and 1960s, they are different varieties of thermo plastics and it is thermoset material that best suits those who wish to go in for something bright and colourful. These pieces can be worn in a casual manner and are extremely popular.

Talking about rhinestones, these are a natural occurring phenomenon that is found in the river beds; the original stones are the rock crystals that have been collected from the River Rhine. But today the rhinestone that we find is rarely from the Rhine; the reserves have since become depleted and scientists today have come up with a better way to create rhinestones from glass, paste or gem quartz. Rhinestone necklaces can be found very easily in different colours though they are not as brightly coloured as the thermoset and Lucite pieces. Rhinestone vintage necklaces look more dressy and elegant at the same time and are designed to generally be worn with gowns and fancy dresses and are considered a perfect accessory for a wedding outfit.

Costume style vintage necklaces

The concept of costume style jewellery is growing in popularity today and in recent times it has become something of a collector’s boom.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the finer aspects of this type of vintage necklaces.

The first question to be answered is whether it is a vintage piece or not; yes, the term vintage is being used very casually in the jewellery field and if the word antique is used before the word ‘vintage’ it means the piece of jewellery is at least fifty years old.

Different types of metals were used for creating these unique works of art, right from basic pot metal to nickel, rhodium, or even gold and silver. A great number of them were made using the basic pot metal and though they had no precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc. they never lacked in beauty. In fact these pieces are sometimes more beautiful than most of the other more expensive ones filled with precious stones.

How to ensure that the costume vintage necklace is not a fake

There are several dealers selling fake Vintage Necklaces out on the web or other outlets which is pretty alarming. Though there are a lot of reliable and creditable dealers in the field there are a lot of other dealers who trade in fake vintage necklaces too. One has to be very cautious to ensure that they don’t fall into the traps of such fake dealers.

There are plenty of books available that can help you in picking up genuine stuff. Most of the books have illustrations in the form of photographs too which help in the verifying process.

One has to do research on this topic before they collect this type of an item.

There are plenty of collector websites too that pertain to the vintage necklaces offering a lot of insight into the intricacies of this type of jewellery and all you have to do is google these sites and spend some time browsing and you sure can collect a lot of authentic information about them.

So, do your homework and you are sure to lay your hands on some of the real vintage necklaces! Happy collection!